"We believe the greatest impact comes not because the orphan needs the church, but because the church desperately needs the orphan."


Coreluv International is deeply committed to introducing the orphan to the local church. We value the honor and responsibility we have to partner with local churches both in the US and throughout the nations. Would you like for Coreluv to challenge and equip your congregation to Defend the Orphan?


"I didn't know how life changing my mission trip with Coreluv could be. God used every precious, beautiful child to share His heart with me."

- Kena; Coreluv International Trip-Goer

You have God-given passions and talents which can be used to raise the necessary finances to care for orphans around the world. Whether you know it or not, you have everything you need to defend the orphan. We see a perfect example of this in II Kings 4.